Chapter 2: Categorization and psychic individuation

In this seminar, we must think of the condition for passing from coindividuation to transindividuation, that is to say the production of categories, with focusing on what happens inside us first. When five individuals take notes, they are all different because nobody has the same secondary psychical retentions. This is a wealth, because categorization is firstly diachronic; synchonisation is an artefact that comes after.

What we do in this seminar is possible because we have what Maryanne Wolf calls “reading brains” or what Walter Ong calls “litterate minds”: more or less rational spirits (in a western meaning), that have actualized their rational potential, which know the contradiction principle and the difference between a demonstration and an argumentation, and , by definition, recoded to the letter (in this period of time between nursery school and high school).