Today every academic discipline is affected by digital technologies, but we do not possess sufficient theoretical models to study how they influence knowledge, on an epistemological level (in the sense of Gaston Bachelard). We believe that this issue should be analyzed across all academic disciplines, each of which should maintain their differences whilst also recognizing common appointments, and hence the consequences of this at an epistemic level (in the sense of Michel Foucault). This idea is the basis of what we call “digital studies”.

The Digital Studies Network was launched by the Institute for Research and Innovation during the 2012 Talks on the New Industrial World. It brings together researchers from many countries who share in the fundamental thesis of “digital studies,” and informally explore, through seminars and workshops, as well as a contributory website (digital-studies.org). All network members can participate in this contributory research by publishing their own web content (e.g. text, video, audio recording, etc.).

You will find all the videos of the New Industrial World Forum here.

Contact: contact@iri.centrepompidou.fr