Indexation seminar 2012-2013

The monthly seminar about indexation aims at developing an action-research approach to analyze practices of note taking and text annotation in order to point out collectively some annotations “standards” which should later be implemented into adapted digital devices. All sessions of this IRI-Ars Industrialis seminar are subjected to a video recording that give rise to thematic editings realized by Simon Lincelles, integral written transcriptions and enrichments of the recording by using these annotations thanks to Lanval Monrouzeau’s cooperation. The annotable editings as well as a large number of resources are shared on the website, which includes a public section and another one reserved to the participants of the Indexation workshop.

This seminar is echoing IRI’s strategy which, after having focused several years on technologies for amateurs, opens its problematic to an organology of academic knowledge in order to become an essential place for the digital studies. This strategy directly stems from a thesis, according to which academic knowledge is a public knowledge, falling within a res publica allowing them to be published and exposed to a peer to peer criticism. If there is no academic knowledge without a publication system, then the question of publication should be at the heart of the organology of knowledge. The problems raised by the Indexation seminar and workshop are thus deeply linked to our contemporary context, which witnesses a upheaval of the conditions of publication, whether academic, video or digital, in the frame of a capitalism of tertiary retentions whose pharmacology has to be studied. This seminar is prolonged, during year 2013-2014, by the seminar “Contributive Categorization”.

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