Chapter 3: Theoretical proposals 2

This video shows three theoretical propositions of the contributive categorization working group:

1. Digital organology

There is no categorization and transidinviduation without an organology, and the digital constitutes a new organology of categorization (it is fundamentally an organology of indexation and annotation).

2. Metadata management of spatial and temporal objects

Since its beginning, the Institute for Research and Innovation has been focusing its activity on metadata management of spatial objects (for example, with its software Lignes de Temps), and now we can apply metadata processing to spatial objects.

3. Digital campus

A digital campus would be a place where digital studies would be implemented at the source. Each discipline would integrate the question of the digital as a subject of study and would assign it thematic priority. The goal of the digital campus would be the prescription of critical uses for these technologies and the redefinition of these disciplines.