Chapter 2: Theoretical proposals 1

This video shows three theoretical propositions of the contributive categorization working group :

1. Rational knowledge and publication

That which specifies geometric rationality is the alphabetic writing, which makes possible the retention, the publication, the resumption, and the peer-to-peer criticism of knowledge.

2. The relationship between primary, secondary and tertiary retentions

Primary retention is what is selected by an individual and what constitutes the flow of their consciousness. These retentions or primary selections, depend on what an individual has already lived and kept in mind: that is to say his secondary retentions. These productions of selections and memories are overdetermined by technical supports, or tertiary retentions. These must receive a therapeutic, a treatment, to limit their toxic aspects as pharmakon, and this is a key point for digital studies.

3. Categorization and transindividuation

A “region of logos” defines a vocabulary and its terms of use. These items of vocabulary constitute collective secondary retentions, shared by the members of a discipline. They constitute the means of their transindividuation and are produced through the practice of categorization processes.